Posting all these pictures of people that I interviewed reminded me how grateful I am to have the most beautiful profession in the world. Especially when I think of Mr.Lawrence Grobel, I remember that, no matter how hard it is sometimes, I have to keep doing what I've doing in the last ten years, because it has brought me immense joy and satisfaction. 
Mr.Grobel, legendary interviewer and writer, offered me an #interview in the winter of 2013, when I was getting ready to launch my magazine, #larevista. We talked on the phone for almost two hours and I was so impressed, not only by his fascinating stories, but also by his kindness and generosity. I've done hundreds of interviews, maybe thousands, but this one remains one of the closest to my heart. 
Through his books and articles, Mr.Grobel has taught me some very precious lessons on journalism and the art of the interview, and being able to talk to him and to have him as a guest on my website was a tremendous gift! 
You can read our conversation by clicking on the link in my bio 👉 #PrivesteLumeaAltfel #LawrenceGrobel #LarryGrobel #exclusive #interview